Times Beach, Missouri - Entire town poisoned dioxin and forced to relocate

In 1972, Times Beach hired Bliss to oil its twenty-three miles of dirt roads. For $2,400, Bliss sprayed approximately 160,000 gallons of waste oil in Times Beach over a period of four years.[8] The release of the leaked EPA document in 1982 was the first time that Times Beach had learned of its contamination.[6] Residents felt betrayed and publicly criticized the EPA for not informing them of the toxic hazards around their homes.[8] Since Times Beach had the largest population out of the listed sites, Times Beach became the subject of national media and attention. With pressure from the public, the EPA soon began investigation in Times Beach. Soil sampling was fortuitously completed on December 3, 1982, a day before Times Beach suffered its worst flood in history when the Meramec River breached its banks and rose over fourteen feet above flood stage.[8][5] The residents of Times Beach were evacuated, and by the time the waters began to recede, the EPA had concluded its analysis. Results revealed dioxin concentrations as high as 0.3 ppm along the town’s entire network of roads.[4] @Curionic