A guy tricked a bunch of scammers into handwriting a whole Harry Potter book.

A guy tricked a bunch of scammers into handwriting a whole Harry Potter book.

One of the golden rules of scambaiting is 'make your scammer do all the work'. Tie the guy up. Make his life miserable by dragging out the dealings for as long as humanly possible. What better way to keep a scammer busy than to make them copy an entire book by hand?First of all, I get the standard 419 scam introduction from Barrister Issah.   From: Barrister Musa Issah

To: Arthur Dent

Date: January 23, 2006

Subject: If you will be interested to act upon on receipt of this mail My Dear Greetings,I know this mail may come to you as a surprise,I am Barrister Mussa Issah the solicitor/counsel to the late Sanni Abacha who was then before his death, the President/Head of State of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Just yesterday his widow wife Mrs. Mariam Abacha called to intimate me of the condition of her family over the pursuance of fund by the Government over the husbands alleged loot. In fact, She conferred in me that her son was working with a German National only for the German to take advantage of the situation, there by setting her son up in Germany where he went to claim his father deposit. You can verify this fact your self through the German Embassy over an alleged Abacha's Son, Mr. Abba Abacha trying to pull out the sum of (US$40 M) Forty Million Dollars from the Bank. At this point in time, She solicited my humble self to look for a reputable gentleman who will be of great assistance to the family and somebody who can take over the sum of $27M (Twenty Seven Million United States Dollars Only)which is presently deposited in a Security Company, for investment. I will later on the course of this transaction disclosed to you the Security Company accordingly. If you will be interested to act upon on receipt of this mail, please do contact me on the enlisted contact adress and more so be kind to issue me with your current Telephone Number for prompt conversation. Thanks for your sincere understanding while looking forward to your positive response/cooperation. Regards,

Barrister Musa Issah  

  I run my handwriting routine by the barrister. From: Arthur Dent

To: Barrister Musa Issah

Date: January 23, 2006 Dear Mr. Issah, Thank you very much for you interesting email, it was kind of you to contact me with your proposition. Unfortunately I am not in a position to help you at this point in time as my company are conducting a very important 4 year long research project on Advanced Handwriting Recognition and Graphology systems.  Our work is extremely intensive and vitally important for our clients. They have committed over eight million dollars to our project and we are nearing the final stages. After nearly 4 years of research and development we are now only three months away from the conclusion and I am afraid I can allow nothing to interfere with the project until its completion. We are always looking for paid volunteers to help with our project. If you are aware of anyone who would like to earn money by helping with our project by providing samples of their own handwriting to us then please do read the submission information below. We pay US $100.00 per page of handwriting samples. Sincerely, Arthur Dent BSC. HHGTTG. PhD.


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