Wyoming only has Two Sets of Escalators.

Wyoming only has Two Sets of Escalators.

Generally, we are a people who look forward to summer. Specifically though, many of us are happy to see the summer of 2017 fade into the distance.

It was a season of deep discontent, lowlighted by debilitating disasters that will cause problems for many for many, many months, and possibly years, to come.

It’s for that reason that I’ve held off on my “What I Did On My Summer Vacation” essay. Let’s try it today, but with a knowing nod of sympathy and ongoing support for those in Texas, Florida, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the other places where folks long will be recovering and rebuilding from the summer of ’17. Please remember there still are ways to help.

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I told you back in 2014 that I had accomplished something of a personal goal when, upon entering North Dakota on Amtrak’s Empire Builder train: I had made it to all 50 states since my arrival on the planet. I like to joke that I’ve also been to the three locales potentially in line if we ever decide to add states: the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Afghanistan. (FYI, upon recently hearing me say I’d been to Afghanistan, a woman thanked me for my service. Thank you, m’am, but it was just journalism service.)

This past summer I had reason to revisit Wyoming, which, as most Americans know, is one of the 50 states. And Wyoming served up a unique opportunity I had not previously contemplated nor put on my bucket list.

The opportunity is no less than this: The achievement of riding on every escalator in one state in America. This would be difficult to impossible in most states. But it can be done in the Cowboy State, and in one day. Heck, depending on traffic in Casper, it can be done in one hour.

Join me as we count the escalators in Wyoming: There’s the one at First Interstate Bank in downtown Casper. There’s the one at Hilltop National Bank out on Country Club Road in Casper. And that’s it.

Wyoming has two escalators.