Veerapan[5] (18 January 1952 – 18 October 2004), commonly known as Veerappan or Sandalwood smuggler Veerappan, was an Indian bandit (also called a dacoit in India) who was active for years in scrub and forest lands covering about 6,000 km² in the states of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
For over a decade, Veerappan defied the state governments of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala and Indian Border security paramilitary forces,[6] and even maintained a small army, which at one point numbered hundreds. He was wanted for killing approximately 184 people, about half of whom were police officers, including senior police and forest officials.[7]
A reward of ₹50 million (US$750,000) was offered for Veerappan’s capture, yet he evaded arrest for 20 years until he was killed by police in 2004.[8]