The following list is a selection of examples.


1555 engraving of rain of fish
Singapore, February 22, 1861[15]
Olneyville, Rhode Island, May 15, 1900[16]
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, July 1, 1903[17]
Marksville, Louisiana, October 23, 1947[18]
Kerala, India, February 12, 2008[19]
Bhanwad, Jamnagar, India, Oct 24, 2009[20]
Lajamanu, Northern Territory, Australia, February 25 and 26, 2010,[21]
Loreto, Agusan del Sur, Philippines, January 13, 2012[22][23]
IIT Madras, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Sep 12, 2013[24]
The yearly Lluvia de Peces in Yoro, Honduras
Frogs and toads
Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan, June 2009 (occurrences reported throughout the month)[25]
Rákóczifalva, Hungary, 18–20 June 2010 (twice)[26]
Jellyfish fell from the sky in Bath, England, in 1894[27]
Spiders fell from the sky in Salta Province, Argentina on April 6, 2007.[28]
Worms dropped from the sky in Jennings, Louisiana, on July 11, 2007.[29]
According to a video, spiders fell from the sky in Santo Antônio da Platina, Brazil, on February 3, 2013.[30] (However, it has been suggested as falling from a mass web between elevated poles.)