Spider-Man is cornered by the Sinner Six, but in the final moments, Kraven rips his mask off, disheartening the crowd when they realize their hero is an old, defeated man. His life is saved at the last moment by Dr. Octopus, who is now dead, but a final command to his tentacles (He had referred to them as his “Four Sons”) cause them to show Peter three grave-markers: those of Mary Jane Watson-Parker, May Parker, and Ben Parker.
The tentacles dig up Mary Jane’s body, and Peter recalls how he accidentally caused her death giving her cancer due to prolonged exposure to the radioactivity in his semen. He was given a choice to stay with her as she died, or attend to gunshots outside. After he returned from the gunfight, Mary Jane had already died, prompting Peter to give up the Spider-Man mantle.
After being buried in Mary Jane’s coffin by Doc Ock’s tentacles and coming face-to-face with and conquering his past demons within, Peter emerges in his famous red and blue suit, which he secretly had buried with her.