SoftRAM and SoftRAM95 were system software products which claimed to “double” the available memory in Microsoft Windows without the need for a hardware upgrade. However, it later emerged that the program didn’t even attempt to do what it claimed to do. In July 1996, the developer, Syncronys, settled charges brought by the Federal Trade Commission of “false and misleading” claims in relation to the capability of the software.[1] The product was rated the third “Worst Tech Product of All Time” by PC World in 2006.[2]
SoftRAM95 Edit
SoftRAM95 was designed for Windows 95 and was released in August 1995.[1] The company sold over 600,000 copies of SoftRAM95 at a list price of USD $79.95, GBP £60 or 170 DM.[4]
When Windows 95 was launched, it was widely reported that software for the operating system would be “memory hungry”, requiring at least 4 megabytes of RAM and preferably 8. Syncronys positioned SoftRAM as a cheaper alternative to buying more memory for those who would otherwise be unable to run Windows 95