A British man died after downing more than $54,000 worth of pure liquid meth from a bottle he thought contained fruit juice.
Romano Dias, 55, reportedly fell sick after drinking the fluid handed over to him by his daughter Katee at his Cambridgeshire home.
After drinking half a glass, he said it tasted “awful” and felt a burning sensation in his throat.
“I am in trouble here. I am dying, I am dead,” he told her seconds later, before then actually passing away.
The Cambridge News reports that the bottle was sent to Dias’ daughter’s home in London as many as three years earlier.
It had the correct address, but not her name.
Katee kept the package, containing what appeared to be a health drink, thinking someone would later come and collect it.
But, with no news for six months, she opened it up and handed it over to her dad.
Cops said drug dealers were suspected of sending the package to the house and planned to intercept it before Katee found it.